Unfinished, unprocessed. A poem

I promised Katreena a poem about my calico project... so here goes nothing.

This was following my freewrite on all the ongoing projects I currently have, including this calico repurposed canvas project, which I have felt stuck on for a while now. Katreena suggested to write a poem about it. Thinking it could probably help me get out of a rut, as a sort of exercise to help get unstuck>>> oh shit I'm rhyming without even trying now (wrote this intro after finishing the poem). 


Unfinished, unprocessed

husky, musky, yellow-tinged, and light

your very existence captures the essence of armour

heavy, plain woven, unbleached, and coarse

soft and jagged edges you achieve and endorse

historically woven by cāliyan hands

the undone remnants of garments reclaimed

a new purpose in processed pieces remains

oh calico, as unfinished and unprocessed as you may exist

you are refined, versatile, adjustable, and bright

from flat-rolled to form-built and back

you are now, once again flattened, but with character and brack.

Emmanuel Cortes January 24, 2024
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