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January 2023 was a very energetic moment for me as August 2023 has been. 

Earlier this year, my friend (who is now living in London while attending Central Saint Martins), and i decided to start a vlog. The idea was to do a video call every 28th of the month to catch up, to discuss our current and various art projects, and bitch about the world. 

A bit of context before I continue, Katreena and I went to the same school in our undergrad around 2012 or so not exactly at the same time, but eventually we became housemates a few years later. We lived together for about 3 or 4 years maybe? At one point we realized that we were two chaotic artists who just wanted to have fun. Not much has changed since. 

We ended up finding an app called Triller, with which one could take a song and record a few videos while the song played. The app would then mash the videos into one and you'd get a fabulously rendered music video. To illustrate some of the chaos that ensued you can watch one of our messy and chaotic masterpieces (poor song choice, I know, problematic indeed):

... and this was only the beginning. We soon realized we liked to create characters, and dress up, and make costumes out of things that were lying around the house. We would suggest a video making sesh 5 minutes before one or the other was about to go to bed, destroy the apartment in the making and sometimes convince Liz, Katreena's sister to partake (she also lived with us):

Fast forward to 2022 Katreena is moving to London, we miss the chaos, we are both exploring textiles in our own corner of the world. I have been living in Brussels for 5 years by then and the desire to create together again fuels a new chapter in our artistic careers. We decide that one day we will create a fashion house that destroys any classic notion of what we know fashion to be (yes we are dreamers). Fake it till you make it.

​Today, I have the honor of presenting to the world our very first podcast, vlog, streaming channel and youtube channel. Where we lay the foundations of our fashion house through various discussions dealing with the pains and curve balls that being an artist int he 21st century throws at us. From mental health, to a chaotic line of tangents leading to art discussions, show and tell sessions and constructive criticism for and by us, about the art projects we encountered in the past month, the revisiting of old projects on hold, or the destruction of the ones we've gotten over. 

While the live Twitch stream is very much an unedited version of all things Katreena and Manny, you get an inside look at a our thought processes, the difficult roads we are traveling through (as privileged as we are),  and the artist process at its rawest and most vulnerable.  Our youtube channel  (TinyHands.fh) highlights just the art talks and art discussions by project, in 5 to 20 minute digestible videos. There will be some playlists of the chapters discussing and updating a single project, because let's face it, we are not robots (yet) and art takes time. 

I personally get really excited about projects and then burn through the first few moments of their existence, and suddenly run out of gas... so this is an attempt to push myself to fulfill this project and I am honestly surprised we have made ti this far. So I am patting myself in the back. Because, I get to do that and now you will be able to enjoy, or hate the things we will be publishing. 


Here's a snapshot of how this streaming nonsense began... I think Katreena was not amused =) I did not notice until I edited the video. See you soon!

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Emmanuel Cortes August 24, 2023
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