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Back when I started this blog, a bit more than half a year ago, I promised to share the excerpts of a novel-in-the-making.
And the excerpts never came! And who is there to blame? ... 
Irregardless... as Gretchen from mean girls says... I do not even know where to begin, so I found one of the oldest brain dumps I wrote which outlined a sort of context and a bunch of inspiration in the form of word vomit. An effort was made to organise my thoughts, but you'll soon see I am not a trained writer. Helps is always welcome. 
Here's a note from, at least 2016, entitled 

I HEAVILY advice to listen to my most recent mix (embedded above) while diving into the chaotic text that follows and imagine me at 3 in the morning waking up from a feverish dream, with a deep need to write an idea down, helping me relax back into deep sleep. 


Regeneration Era

This is the era after capitalism has been overruled by anything other than. 
The world has turned over much human labor into regenerative work. 
The robot era made way for human beings to find new forms of labor, and eventually to the Regeneration Era. The Regeneration era began when Humans realized they were becoming slaves to the robots they had created in the late 21st century. These robots needed extreme maintenance, and many developing countries were being managed by the great powers of the north to feed these robotic mega-cities and mega-regions the parts, and fuel needed to maintain the robot era's workers alive: The robots. 

Humans developed ways of utilizing old technologies like artificial intelligence, and 3D printer technology to create what became "regens" (regenerative robots) these creatures would take on the tasks of robot labor, while regenerating and maintaining themselves as they broke down and became obsolete, they had the intelligence and the communication skills to update their intelligence, physical parts, and work efficacy.

The Regeneration Era was not only focused on labor but the regenerative use of energy, natural and endless, like solar, and water energy. At this point in time, in the early 22nd century,  many ecosystems had been badly hurt by the communication era, and the robotic era that preceded it. In the regeneration era, animals that were vital components of the life cycle were replaced by regens. 

Life Cycle Regens became LCRs and these came in the form of animals and plants that were at one point part of the systems of this world (water, eco, air etc). They came in the shapes of trees that would inhale massive amounts of pollution and just like natural trees, would exude oxygen.  

More NRNPs (non-regen nocturnal plants) were emerging between the electric megacities, these were rigid vinelike rodent plants that ripped through the concrete and asphalt of the urban centers once dwelled by humans and land automobiles. These were part animal, part plant. More like a plant in hyper mode, growing and moving in extreme fast motion, seemingly moving like an animal would, but these vines were plants. (imagine a plants' growth cycle timelapse video)

other nrnp's included the mutated rabbits, cats, pigs, ponys, seals, golden vipers, and monkeys of the once the following places in the 21st century world:  PIG ISLAND, Big Major Cay, Bahamas. CAT ISLAND, Tashirojima, Japan. RABBIT ISLAND, Ōkunoshima, Japan. ASSATEAGUE ISLAND, Maryland, United States. SEAL ISLAND, False Bay, South Africa. MONKEY ISLAND, Cayo Santiago, Puerto Rico. SNAKE ISLAND, Ilha de Queimada Grande, Brazil. Jelly fish creatures ruled the oceans and Giant owls as large as SRHCs (single rider hover crafts)

Humans in the regen area also became more cyborg-like than ever before, with regenerative technology installed under their skin. This gave humans the ability to live much longer, change the color of their skin, hair, eyes, teeth and nails, they were able to produce their own food. 

Food in the sense of regenerative technology allowed for gluttony to be a myth of the past. Food simply became IM (Ingestive matter) that any human in the 22nd century could create with their own hands if they had the right technology in their bodies. There would otherwise be BNRs (basic needs regens) that would take care of any ingestible matter needed by the humans. 

ANIMAL replacement

Replacing animals with technology that reproduces the life cycle animals help sustain... part of the regenerative revolution


white:  what happens when socio/cultural issues between super cultures refrain from any sort of advancement in the use of energy?
How does this hiatus in energy usage play a part in cultural evolution? 


Before becoming a forest? 
Does vegetation/plants change like animals do? If so, how fast and have we slowed its evolutionary process too? 


Smell is not the prime sense of primates to find food- vision is-  I love to sniff things. Does that make me more awesome, because I compare smells to thoughts and my memory bank to know if I like it or not? I sniff things. 
1 in 4 people have a heightened sense of smell - national geographic issue on the brain

Art and Anthropology CULTURE CHANGE

  • We need to become neo artists- an artist that instills culture
    Our world is changing, societies are changing- becoming less nationalistic, less individualistic as far as 1 nation, looking for world wide sameness and groups within the planet not just a country.
    We will start the trend  here, be it already begun elsewhere, our future is and has been predicted to be a planetary social web in the sense of networks and communication- sounds like the internet- but that is JUST what we are becoming.
    World wide culture systems not attached but rooted in nations and histories past. 
    Becoming Neo artists- on the lines of grouping ideas rather than governments to work in cohesion to advance. Through art and social studies- anthropology.  

  • Global conscious knowledge of just about anything will be the culmination of this culture and the beginning of another. 
    When inequalities based on Gender difference, for example, come to an end, culture will have been well developed into something different. 
    Globalization of social studies and human organization based on difference, inequality, intersectionality and social change/ justice will mark the day of a new culture. 

  • Change is coming, Radical ideas about conditioned norms, fixed identities and superimposed relationships. reform comes from struggle, and in the era I have been born into struggle is emerging as cultural activism

  • Mass world comprehension weapons 
    mass based literary movements- Bell Hooks

The power of words

The word withdrawals in conversation in a family reunion of mine. 
Cousins having a conversation about detox, diets, and cleanses. Sugar withdrawal came into the conversation, because sugar is a highly addictive food. 
The word “withdrawal” got most emphasis when coming from my cousin who to my knowledge has little to no contact with any sort of drug that may cause a severe withdrawal like heroin. 
The word withdrawal is tied to some taboo topics and therefore is going to be dubbed a taboo word. This makes for an excellent conversation thickener in the eyes of an uneducated person- uneducated or un cultured in the area of the taboo word used.
This also works for other words and topics such as in sexuality be it gay or straight, macho or not etc. . . 

So there you have it. I believe in chaos, I believe in some sort of celestial power that will one day help me bring these and many other thoughts into the form of a book. Hopefully you'll love it as much as I already do. 
For now, I will continue to publish these excerpts and maybe they will magically show me the way. 

Emmanuel Cortes August 18, 2023
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